Smart Mobility With Digital Parking Data

Empowering the future of smart parking mobility with database and digital platform services.

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We are on a mission to transform Malaysia’s parking market into the digital era of technological mobility and smart connectivity.

We want to provide the best digital solution of parking services to accelerate the growth of smart mobility in Malaysia and potentially in the region.

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To be the forefront of connecting the future of mobility with a data driven platform and digital innovation starting with parking

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Parking Information

With parking information that is accessible anywhere, anytime, our solution offer productivity & efficiency by helping drivers to make decision and plan their journey via our mobile application


A marketplace of parking where drivers can reserve and pay for the place they want to park. A true parking convenience at your fingertips.

as a Service

With data as our core product, a common platform that can be accessed by all parking stakeholders will enable a true end-to-end digital parking services with endless possibilities

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